Gaur Hi-Tech Developers and Gaur NYC Residences: A Deep Dive

Gaur Hi-Tech Developers

While information about Gaur Hi-Tech specifically is limited, it’s likely connected to the well-established Gaur Group, a prominent real estate developer in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. The Gaur Group, particularly Gaur Sons India Limited, is known for its projects in Ghaziabad and Noida.

Here’s a closer look at Gaur Group, which is likely the developer behind Gaur NYC Residences:

  • Reputation: The Gaur Group has a reputation for using high-quality materials, focusing on customer satisfaction, and delivering projects on time. They have a strong presence in the NCR and have completed numerous residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. However, independent reviews can vary, so it’s wise to do your research.
  • Track Record: You can find more information about the Gaur Group’s past projects on their website or through independent real estate portals.
Gaur NYC Residences
Gaur NYC Residences

Gaur NYC Residences at Wave City, Ghaziabad

Gaur NYC Residences is a residential project located within Wave City, a well-planned township on NH-24 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the project:

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Build & Space:

  • Type of Build: While specific details are unavailable, Gaur NYC Residences is likely a 34 floors high-rise apartment complex considering its location within a township.
  • Apartment Configurations: Current information suggests Gaur NYC Residences offers primarily 4 BHK (bedroom) units. These are likely spacious and well-designed for families.
  • Interiors: Promotional materials mention high-quality finishes with a contemporary design, aiming for a stylish and comfortable living environment.

Area & Location:

  • Specific Area: Information on the total area of the Gaur NYC Residences complex is unavailable. However, Wave City itself boasts a significant area with ample green spaces.
  • Location Advantage: The project’s strategic location on NH-24 offers easy access to Ghaziabad, Noida, and Delhi. This makes it attractive for those who work or have frequent business in these areas.

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  • Wave City Township: Gaur NYC Residences resides within Wave City, a well-planned township. This means residents have access to various amenities within the township itself, potentially including:
    • Retail shops
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Parks and green spaces
    • Recreational facilities


Unfortunately, publicly available information on current pricing for Gaur NYC Residences is scarce. Prices for apartments can fluctuate based on market conditions, floor level, and apartment size. Here are some suggestions for finding pricing information:

  • Contact the Developer: Reach out to Gaur Group directly through their website or sales representatives for the latest pricing details.
  • Real Estate Portals: Property listing websites might have more up-to-date pricing information. However, ensure the information is recent.
  • Pre-Launch booking: The pre-launch booking price was 7500 and it is on hold due to RERA approvals. One RERA will approve the project. They will start the booking process.

Additional Considerations:

  • Project Stage: While some sources mention Gaur NYC Residences as an upcoming project, it’s advisable to confirm the project’s current stage of development with the developer.
  • Amenities: Specific details on amenities offered at Gaur NYC Residences might not be readily available. It’s crucial to confirm the amenities included with the developer or through their brochures. Common amenities in such projects might include:
    • Clubhouse with recreational facilities
    • Swimming pool
    • Children’s play area
    • Dedicated parking space
    • 24/7 security and power backup

Important Next Steps:

  • Research: Conduct thorough research beyond this overview. Explore the Gaur Group’s website, and independent real estate portals, and consider seeking reviews from existing customers.
  • Site Visit: If possible, schedule a site visit to get a firsthand feel for the project, the surrounding area, and the quality of construction.
  • Financial Planning: Factor in not just the apartment price but also potential maintenance fees and other costs associated with homeownership.

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